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Néroli Bronzé Fragrance

Néroli Bronzé Fragrance

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The Kiss of The Golden Hour. A bright and juicy Orange Blossom elixir warmed by...

The Kiss of The Golden Hour.

A bright and juicy Orange Blossom elixir warmed by the mystical sunset spices of Morocco. Happiness bottled.

Cruelty freeVeganCarbon neutral

Scent Story

No other scent captures Marrakech like the sun-warmed, honey-sweet freshness of orange trees in bloom. Flooded with hot syrupy sweetness, Néroli Bronzé is a treasured citrus perfume,a simmering and sultry tribute to the intoxicating Orange Blossom flower of the iconic Menara gardens. A mouth-watering flash of Pomello brings the fresh sweet citrus and floral scent to life, whilst soft brown sugar, spiced cardamom and toasted papyrus mimic the temperature and texture of sunlight kissing terracotta walls and tanned skin. This is happiness, bottled.

The Scent Scape

Marrakech’s Golden Hour.

A fragrant plume called Néroli Bronzé gently meanders the labyrinth of narrow alleyways of Marrakech’s medina, giggling and slinking past high piles of tantalizing trinkets, lanterns, spice heaps and hidden treasures. It travels from the Orange Blossom-lined streets to the heart of the market square, a pleasure playground for the senses and to find your inner purpose. A plume so enticing, so magical and playful, it teases you and draws you in to discover an unexpected surprise: a tranquil, refreshing courtyard glistening with dewy leaves and cool shade.

Fragrance Layering

Create your own scent signature and layer your favorite whind fragrances your way.

Seduce: layer with Oud Davana to mix the juicy hot citrus fragrance with spiced leathery Oud seductive perfume that evokes the embrace of the 1001 nights.

Refresh: layer with Pomello Mint Tea Leaves for a spirit-lifting herbal tonic that plays with the sweet citrus perfume of Néroli Bronzé.


A luxurious blend of fragrance oils.

Top: Orange Zest, Pomello, Cardamom (North Africa)

Mid: Neroli (Morocco), Lavender, Orange Flower

Dry: Blonde Woods, Dewy Musk, Crisp Amber

Master Perfumer

Each luxury perfume in the Elixir Fragrance collection has been expertly blended by Master Perfumer Jerome Epinette.

“This is a collection that was born around pleasures: scent-kissed skin, creations that blend knowledge and culture, and olfactive intuitions that evoke, suggest, charm and tempt. The ephemeral and luxurious feeling of scents that touch the senses; that can be bought but not controlled” - Jerome Epinette

Scent-Kissed Skincare

Adore Néroli Bronzé? Discover our high-performance, science-powered skincare kissed with indulgent natural fragrance. Indulge in the heavenly citrus notes of Oasis Fresh Dissolving Jelly Cleanser and Oasis Bright Multi-brightening Serum for brighter, hydrated juicy skin enveloped in refreshing Orange Blossom fragrance.


Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Parfum/Fragrance, Aqua/Water, Limonene, Propylene Glycol, Benzyl Salicylate, Linalool, Citronellol, Citral, Geraniol, Benzyl Alcohol, Farnesol, Benzyl Benzoate.

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Introducing the Elixir Fragrance Collection

Intoxicating fine fragrances for the wanderlust, bottling the elegance and mystery of Morocco.

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