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Lalla La Rose Fragrance

Lalla La Rose Fragrance

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The indulgence of Turkish Delight Sugared rose petals, a patisserie-rich blend of coconut and spiced...

The indulgence of Turkish Delight

Sugared rose petals, a patisserie-rich blend of coconut and spiced vanilla cream, worthy of adorning an imperial princess.

Cruelty freeVeganCarbon neutral

Scent Story

As if opening a fresh box of Turkish Delight, the scent of Lalla La Rose rises with the tantalizing promise of fun, temptation and decadence. A sweet-smelling perfume with a crystallized sugar scatter of peony and rose petals over the skin. Bathing you in an indulgent floral fantasy that almost glimmers with seductive mischief. A rose perfume like no other, this gossamer-light tease gently settles, pulled deeper and deeper into your pores with a comforting, patisserie-rich blend of coconut milk, marshmallow, vanilla cream and spiced Moroccan woods that hugs the skin with elegance, refinement and sensuality.

The Scent Scape

A Fez Fairytale

We journey into Fez, the city of sophistication and charm. Seductive, polite and demure, it’s a city that shape-shifts into feminine form, welcoming its visitors with softness, sweetness and unapologetic romance. She seduces you slowly, luring you in with the scent beloved by generations of men and women of all ages and eras: the majestic rose. A quintessentially feminine symbol of beauty in fables and fairytales, this is a rose perfume with two faces - one demure, delicate and traditional, another empowering, hypnotic and modern.

Fragrance Layering

Create your own scent signature and layer your favorite whind fragrances your way.

Seduce: layer this divine Rose perfume with the sensual leathery Oud Davana Eau De Parfum for a more romantic embrace.

Refresh: layer with Pomello Mint Tea Leaves, for a spirit-lifting herbal tonic that plays with the sweet smelling perfume of Lalla La Rose.


A luxurious blend of fragrance oils.

Top: Coconut Water, Cassis, Lemon Juice

Mid: Crystallized Rose Petals (Turkey),Pink Peony

Dry: Marshmallow, Vanilla Cream, White Cedarwood(Morocco)

Master Perfumer

Each luxury perfume in the Elixir Fragrance collection has been expertly blended by Master Perfumer Jerome Epinette.

“This is a collection that was born around pleasures: scent-kissed skin, creations that blend knowledge and culture, and olfactive intuitions that evoke, suggest, charm and tempt. The ephemeral and luxurious feeling of scents that touch the senses; that can be bought but not controlled” - Jerome Epinette

Scent-Kissed Skincare

Love Lalla La Rose? Discover our high-performance, science-powered skincare kissed with indulgent natural fragrance. Embrace your skin with our sweet and refreshing Medina Dew Melting Rose Water Cream for an instant burst of moisture that lasts up to 72 hours, leaving the skin plump and glistening with hydration, with a golden rosy glow.


Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Parfum/Fragrance, Aqua/Water, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxycitronellal, Citronellol, Benzyl Salicylate, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool, Citral, Benzyl Alcohol, Farnesol.

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