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Rose Saffron Fragrance

Rose Saffron Fragrance

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The Mischievous & Seductive Desert Rose
A heady cluster of saffron-spiked rose petals, enriched and darkened by leathery wood. Step into enticing pleasure
Top Notes Pink Saffron (Kashmir)*, Passion Fruit, Coffee Beans
Mid Notes Frankincense, Centifolia Rose (France)*, Pink Peony
Base Notes Agarwood, Crisp Amber, Vanilla Beans

Scent with Purpose

Cruelty free. Vegan. 

Scent-Kissed Skincare

Fallen for Rose Saffron?  Discover our high-performance science-powered skincare, kissed with indulgent natural fragrance. Marry the heady Rose notes of Rose Saffron with Medina Dew Melting Rose Water Cream for an instant burst of moisture that lasts up to 72 hours, leaving the skin plump and glistening with hydration, – even after a long night under the stars. 


Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Parfum/Fragrance, Aqua/Water, Propylene Glycol, Benzyl Salicylate, Citronellol, Limonene, Citral, Linalool, Geraniol, Benzyl Alcohol, Eugenol.

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Rose Saffron Fragrance

Regular price From Dhs. 800
Regular price Sale price Dhs. 800
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Scent Story

The Mischievous & Seductive Desert Rose

Crafted from the most indulgent fragrance oils, Rose Saffron is an intense Moroccan rose perfume, spiked with hot, honeyed Kashmiri Saffron and freshly-milled coffee, then illuminated with an almost spiritual incense glow.

Rich, voluptuous and welcoming, Rose Saffron’s effect is amplified by sweet-smoky oud and vanilla fragrance to evoke a familiar, lived-in and warm texture – as if softened by morning-after tousled hair and smudged kajal eyeliner.

A desert dance under the stars

It’s dusk. The desert is calling, and celebrations float in the distant dunes. The
cool evening air, enriched from faraway spice markets and villages, dances to
the musical sound of the chicha as the first stars light up the dark desert sky.

Fragrance Layering

Create your own scent signature and layer your favorite whind fragrances your way

Seduce: layer with Oud Davana to mix saffron-spiked smokey rose with leathery Oud, for the sensual embrace of 1001 nights.

Refresh: layer with Néroli Bronzé, for a citrus burst that plays with the spiced Rose perfume.