Why effortless togetherness is in whind’s roots

Why effortless togetherness is in whind’s roots

"I often get asked what the name “whind” means. The simple answer is “effortless togetherness”.

But first, let’s rewind. (No pun intended!)

Naming a brand is a complex task. And naming a very personal brand like this felt like a near-impossible one. So I’m forever thankful to my friend, and our Creative Director, Anya, who conjured up the initial spark for “whind”.

She was inspired by Morocco’s whisper-soft vibe – those delicately subtle and infinitely mysterious movements, reminiscent of a caress, or a kiss. Palm leaves rustling in the breeze. Water gently rippling in a fountain. The wind reshaping the desert dunes. With a wink to my name, whind was born: the perfect bottling up of sensoriality, evocative lands, and our deeply personal roots.

But there’s a second part to the story. When translated to Arabic, the “w” before Hind becomes “you and Hind”, or “with Hind”. This sense of togetherness resonates for a brand that I dreamed up not only for myself, but for others like me. 

Those others start with my girlfriends: the original women who danced barefoot in the sand and high-heeled under the stars. They are the foundation I built myself and everything else on – a magical mix of unconditional love, zero judgment, endless cheerleading, buckets of fun, infinite patience, fantastic style, soul-deep understanding, and never taking life too seriously. They represent the joy that springs from knowing each other better than you know yourself.

In building whind, I didn’t only want to share the gift of skin so healthy it glows. I also wanted to share this effortless togetherness and build a community that understands that true Beauty radiates from the inside out. It’s also why we commit to leaving a Lighter Footprint on our planet and Spotlight global creators and craftsmanship – because a truly beautiful world is one where we all come together."


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